Accessibility Standards

Oct 25, 2012


I notice you have a table showing the optimisation in Storyline against Section 508 - which is great:

I am wondering if you have done a similar process against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0? 

In New Zealand and Australia we are getting an increasing number of requests to use authoring tools to build elearning, however their expectation is that it is complies with the standards above. Has anyone done a comparison or is anyone planning to do this???

Thank you

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Tisha R M

You might consider offering simple directions for the user to use keyboard Ctrl + or - to increase or decrease the font size to meet their needs.

This is a quick and accessible way for users to change the font size on a page. Most users, especially persons with disabilities are familiar with this option. I have built several templates setting different font size options with various click options and found when working with most user populations that they only wanted to have the Ctrl +/- option and to avoid scrolling of text as that is another step in accessing all the content. 

Of course, it depends on your SME, Stakeholder, and user audience so doing the extra effort of setting options on a page might be worth it but make a template to save time! As a back up remind the users that the keyboard shortcuts are an option, which users that rely only on keyboard access and not mouse access will appreciate as a quick route. The zoom option in the browser is the alternative option for mouse reliant users.

Ree Walker-Greer

Hi there 
Can you confirm what are the requirements for meeting 508 compliance for Rise 360? Is this only required for Storyline? I found this article and want to ensure that I'm incorporating best practices for 508 compliance while using Rise 360.


Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Ree!

While we can't share more specifics on timing and the order of features yet, our end goal is to get Rise 360 output WCAG 2.1 compliant by the end of 2020.

To help us get it right, we've hired Deque, a leader in digital accessibility, to perform a 3rd party audit for Rise 360 so we have an accurate and comprehensive list of items to tackle. We've also dedicated developers to own accessibility on Rise 360 long term.

As we have more details and updates, we will most certainly share here with you!