Accessing graphic on base layer in other layers

I have a multi-box graphic on the base layer and want the learner to click on each box to access an associated layer to learn more about the item. I have dimmed the base layer objects so they are grey but still visible. I have copied just the single box to each applicable layer so that it is coloured on the relevant layer, thus highlighting the subject. How can I get it so they can click on a box, it shows the relevant layer, and then they click on another box which takes them to another layer. I.e. how do I make the base layer objects clickable from any other layer? Or is that not possible? I don't want to have to create hotspots on each layer as that would be very laborious. There are 25 boxes to click.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Here's a quick tutorial to show how to set this up. You don't need to create a duplicate object. 

  • Create shapes with selected states
  • Create a button set with the shapes
  • Trigger to the layers you want to trigger to

The objects on the base layer on active as long as you don't cover them or alter the layer properties.