Base Layer Not Visible, in development, when viewing another layer

Mar 21, 2017

Hi guys,  (Storyline 360)

I am used to looking at a layer above the base layer (in development) and seeing the base layer objects either grayed or in color.  The Dim check box is unchecked, and yet none of the base layer objects appear when I click on the layer.  I am building a screen with objects, and when object is clicked, a text box on a layer appears.  So alignment is very important. I cant line up the layer text box with the base layer click object, without seeing it.  Very strange. 

Both base layer and text box layer are set to not hide each other.

Any suggestions?

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Keith Donnan

Yes.  Check the LAYERs master slide to see if there is anything blocking the view to the base layer.   Do this by right clicking on the layer in the Slide Layers list.  Then select a Blank Layer master slide.  I am thinking that due to the  conversion from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360 the conversion put in the Master Slide layout that wasnt blank.  Hope this helps.


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