Accessing Published Courses on the website?

I want to make sure this is possible. We have a series of courses in a curriculum, 13of them, we would like to publish and make them available. If we publish to the web, do we just give people the web address and a password, to access the courses? We have a corporate lisence. Is anything else needed for this to happen? We then would maintain it through our file updates and loadings...  

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lynn Ann!  When you publish for web, you'll get a folder of output files that you can upload to your web server.  You could certainly have several of your courses uploaded to your site, and have a different link for each course.  

Here's some general information on how to upload your course to a web server.  If you need a bit more help, let us know what kind of website you're working with, and the community may be able to give some specific recommendations!