Accessing Storyline 2 course on iPad (uploaded to D2L LMS)

I have a course that we built for a client a few years ago that they could no longer access on an iPad.  They are using the Desire2Learn LMS (D2L).  I've updated and republished the course, they can access it on an iPhone  6 running iOS 10.2, but are asking if there is any way to access the course on a device that cannot run iOS 10.

Is there any way to do this?  Does anyone know of a work around?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Linda - I'm not sure what update of Storyline you would have published the material with or what version of iOS your learners are experiencing the difficulty. I do know that we had some issues shares with iOS 9, which you can read about here

Is republishing the content not an option for you? Perhaps the updater listed in the same article above will assist.

If you need us to take a look or dive a little deeper, I'd reach out to our support engineers here.

Leslie McKerchie

I see that you do mention updating and republishing the course, and if that's the case, the updater may not be the best solution for you. I apologizing for skimming over that very important information.

There are certainly many questions we could use to dig deeper: How are you viewing the content? Is this in the HTML5 browser or within the Articulate Mobile Player? Is anything loading at all or are some things not playing correctly for you? Any error messages? What iOS are the iPads using?

If you'd like to work directly with our support engineers, you are welcome to do so here as well.

Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Leslie, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  I have the latest update of Storyline, they have iOS 9.3.5. The Launch button opens Articulate and states that it ‘Cannot Access Content’.  I spoke to someone in the community who has experience working with D2L and got some tips from her.  Last I heard, they could access it on their iPad with Chrome, but not Safari.

All the courses on our LMS are currently not device accessible.  I'm doing some testing today to see if I can get them to work on an iPad.

Will let you know if I need help.

Linda Lorenzetti

I'm still having issues with our client's D2L LMS, but I'm not sure that Articulate support can help me because you don't have the same LMS.

I found that our own courses worked on an iPad when I republished the courses to our LMS checking only "include HTML5 output" and not "use Articulate mobile player for iOS or android". Will not checking the "use mobile player" option cause any issues for our learners?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Linda - You can certainly utilize the HTML5 option without the Articulate Mobile Player. In fact, if your LMS does not support Tin Can API/xAPI that's what we advise. See below:

  • If your LMS supports Tin Can API, mark the box to Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android for the best experience.
  • If your LMS doesn't support Tin Can API, mark the box to Include HTML5 output.
  • If learners will be using mobile devices other than iPad, mark the box to Include HTML5 output.

Full tutorial here.

You can also check out the comparison of output here.

Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Leslie,

If I use HTML5 only, will the LMS be able to track quiz results of people using devices?

Our LMS does support Tin Can API, but when I tried using it a few years ago there were issues with tracking if learners used Explorer, Version 11 or Firefox Version 24 & 33.1.  Because of this, we opted to use SCORM 1.2 instead.


Leslie McKerchie

Yes, that should work as well. Have you tested the publishing in your LMS? The first thing I would double check is a comparison to SCORM Cloud to see if you are able to replicate any nuances you are having with your LMS so that we can understand if the issue lies within your project or within your LMS.