Accordion Workshop Functionality

I'm repurposing this Jewel Tones Accordion Workshop but I'm struggling with functionality. 

Specifically, I need the "complete" variables associated with each tab being visited to adjust from False to True once they've been clicked, and then once all 4 have been visited, the "All Tabs Complete" variable to change from False to True, so that when the user hits Next, the Complete layer appears & connects the learner from the Reporting Basics scene to the Report Review scene. 

Do I need to have all of the same triggers on every layer to ensure that functionality works? What am I missing? (File attached) 

Also, I want to use a check box + text box on the 4th tab to allow the user to check off the First 90 Days items they've already completed. It's appearing strangely when I preview the course, specifically the check boxes group looks faded, and doesn't disappear like the shape on the tab does when I click on another tab to move around. How can I make the checkboxes + text behave like the rest of the content on each of the tab layers? 

Again, file attached. Thanks! 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Megan, thanks for sharing your file! Instead of using variables, have you considered using states? You could also guide the learner to click on each tab in order--then you wouldn't need to use states or variables. 

The "Fade" animation on the checklist in Layer 4--First 90 Days was causing the text color to look gray instead of black. Try removing the entrance and exit animation, and also ungroup the checkboxes so they can be clicked one-by-one. Give that a try, and let me know if it helps any!