Activations and Temporary installs

Apr 06, 2022


I work for a company as a courseware developer. We have purchased a set of licenses for Articulate 360 and are in the process of evaluating whether it is the correct software for our team. What I am concerned about is the licensing activations.

We use a cloud provider to provide our lab environments and then RDP into those environments. This means that I need to install Articulate onto the remote system to properly capture the mouse clicks and textual inputs.

When I'm done with a set of labs, I pull the capture files over the network to my local system. After I ensure the captures are good, I delete the virtual lab environment and edit on my local install (which remains consistent)

When the next project comes along, I deploy a new lab environment for the next development. Install and log into Articulate and capture labs.

Rinse, repeat.

The articulate license calls out that we are allowed 2 PC installation activations. I'm guessing that after as certain period of time, my remote installation is going to refuse to activate after I install it.

My question is, when this happens how to I deactivate the activations on lab systems that have been deleted. 

Another question, is there a way to deactivate my install before I delete my remote lab environment? I could avoid this problem completely.

Many thanks.

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