Feb 27, 2023

I'm working to create an activity upon completing a quiz question. Upon successful completion, I want students to be able to choose a topping for their pizza. I need the results slides with the pizza to be cumulative. So, after quiz one, they can choose one topping. After quiz two, the first topping they chose will be present.  Not sure how to build this. 

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Walt Hamilton

When the first topping is chosen, set the ToppingOne variable to either a number or text that represents the choice.  The next time they have a choice, change state or show layer of Choice 1 when timeline starts, if ToppingOne  = 1 (or one). Repeat trigger for all choices.

I’m thinking you could save a ton of time if every time they have the same options to choose from. You could lightbox the choice slide. When it starts, run the triggers that show and/or disable the chosen toppings.