Making a button appear after visiting certain scenes

Sep 20, 2023

Pretty much as the title says. I am making a create your own pizza drag and drop. I have 3 different pizzas in 3 different scenes so the user can choose their own path. I want a final NEXT button to appear on any slide they are currently on but only after they have visited and completed all scenes. I am brand new to this and have only about a week of hands-on; any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sandeep Gadam

Hi Christy would you mind sharing your SL project file here? 

In the meantime here is the workaround:

Create three T/F variables and set the default value to False. On the last slide of each scene, add a trigger to change the variable value to True either when timeline starts or when user clicks a button. So when user reaches/clicks on a button on the last slide of each scene, the variable value changes to true.

Initially set the Next button to either disabled/hidden when timeline starts if the three variables are false. Then add a trigger on desired slides to change the state of Next button to normal when timeline starts once all the three variables are True. Add these two trigger on the slide master so that you don't need to add on each slide. 

Let me know if you need any further help!!

Steven Benassi

Hi Christy!

Welcome to authoring in Articulate 360 and the E-Learning Heroes community!

It sounds like you needed some help with drag-and-drop interactions across multiple scenes in your Storyline course. As Sandeep shared, it would be helpful to take a closer look at the project file you've built out so far. Feel free to attach it to this discussion or share it privately through a support case.

In the meantime, here's a great user guide to help get you started on working with Variables in Storyline 360:

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