Help on Variables

Nov 26, 2015

Hi! I have an issue on the variables, I have attached the file for reference. The course is about pizza where you can put pepperoni on top. If you put one slice of pizza there will be a pop-up layer that you must add another slice of pepperoni up until you reach to the 4th slice (there are 5 pop-up layers for each slice). Then if you reach the 5th slice, you must take off the slice. The problem is when you put 1 slice on top of the pizza then drag around the pizza the pop-up layer will appear even if you didn't drag another slice of pepperoni. My solution on this issue is to disable the slices of pepperoni when the learner drag-and-drop the slices onto the pizza except for the 5th slice. My question is can I able to drag the slice of pepperoni (around the pizza) without appearing the 2nd pop-up layer?

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