Add a Second Transition to a Slide

Sep 16, 2019


I'm using the push transition on the slides in a project. The effect option is to push the current slide up so that the new slide appears from the bottom making it a bit like a scrolling effect.

For most of the project the user can simply go forward slide to slide, however there are a couple of places where users might want to go back a slide. If so, then I need the push transition to reverse so that the current slide moves down and the previous slide comes from the top. This would keep the scrolling effect I'm going for valid.

So how do I apply a second transition to a slide? I've tried creating a layer and adding it there but I don't even have the push transition available on the second layer.

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Elo,

Thank you for reaching out with your design needs here! 

While you can't add an additional transition to the same slide, you can apply different transitions to different layers on the same slide.

I am curious about the scrolling feature you would like to accomplish in your course. To make sure I am on the same page, do you want to create a scrolling effect for mobile devices? If so, the responsive mobile player for Storyline 360 and Studio 360 gives learners the best viewing experience on tablets and smartphones, regardless of screen size and orientation. 

We have a great resource on this here: Articulate 360 FAQs: Responsive Mobile Player

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if I am off base here! 

Joel MacDonald

As mentioned in my first message, I did try to apply a transition to an additional layer on the same slide. However, it appears it can't be the same transition you used on the base layer. I'm using the push transition on the base layer but can't find it as a choice on the additional layer.

Here is an example so you can see the scrolling effect I'm trying to go for. If a user needs to go back a slide then the scrolling effect I've got set up now needs to be reversed so that it still seems like the last slide is coming back into view from the top of the it's being scrolled!

So how do I do that?

Joel MacDonald

Yes thanks. However, the extremely frustrating thing is that when you click
'Back' the slide still scrolls up, like it does when you click 'Next'. I'd
like to use the same slide transition but just reverse the path so that
when you click 'Back' the slides move in the proper direction to make it
look like you are going back. Of course, you don't have the option to use
the same transition over again.

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