Transitions - going backwards

Jan 02, 2018

Hello everyone!

Looking for help with applying transitions to go back to the previous slide. 

I'm setting up an infographic and I have my presentation (360) set up so that the Push transition happens when they click next - as if to be scrolling down a blown-up version of the infographic.  

However I can't get the opposite to happen when they click previous. (to simulate scrolling back up). Is there a way to apply a separate transition to go back?

Thanks in advance!


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Bob O'Donnell

Storyline seems to only allow for 1 transition between slides.

If you're not using a side bar menu, you could try creating a duplicate scene and simply reverse all the slide Push transitions in Scene 2 and then link the Next & Back actions between scenes. Each scene would progress straight through in one direction. Scene 1 down, Scene 2 up.

So the Next button in Scene 1 would take you straight down your timeline. If you select previous, you would link to the previous slide in Scene 2 (which has the opposite transition effect). The previous button in Scene 2 works fine taking you back in the timeline, The Next button in Scene 2 would be set to jump to the next slide in Scene 1. Its a little wonky, but it works and the transition is pretty smooth. The only drawback is if you're using a sidebar menu for your slides - both scenes show up in the menu. If you're not using a menu, jumping across scenes seems to be a solution.

Maybe someone has a prettier way to accomplish it.