Slide Transition

So im building a project in which i have transitions. Clicking next...the transition pushes the next slide down...revealing the next page... nice... but when you click previous the transition cannot be changed to up... as that is not an option.

Searching in the storyline files i do find a entry in the javascripts stating: 'pushdirection: down' and when changing the transition Effects option in Storyline to 'From Top' this value changes to 'pushdirection: down'

I probably can make it work that i use a variable here. So i can decide myself when i want the transitions to go down or up. But i really would like it if Articulate made these Effects options linked to variables so users get that option easier.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Math.

Thank you for reaching out!

We have a feature request logged to add support for transitions when viewing a previous slide.

I've added this discussion to the report, and we'll come back to update you if I have any news to share or if this request makes it to our feature roadmap. You're also welcome to share more details of your other suggestion (access to the variables linked to the effects) through a separate request.