Vertical scroll or sliding effect in Storyline 360?


I have been asked for a vertical scrolling effect between slides to simulate almost the Rise direction but using Storyline for more options. I have tested using Push and Uncover transitions and the Uncover transition is the best of the worst options ( No control of transition speeds or effects are possible). This works when moving forward in a linear mode. However, if the user goes back to the previous slide, the same effect occurs instead of the reverse "Going back up" effect. It seems more like shuffling a deck of cards. Has anyone done something similar and figure out a way to emulate scrolling or moving up and down?

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Phil Mayor

I have done work for some clients where we used the motion paths option it means changing the way you build most interactions, no simple way.

Now the simple way would be for Articulate to change the way transitions work and allow you to select the transition on the jump trigger. I put a feature request for this in over 5 years ago, still holding my breath.