Add Custom Interactions to Template or Content Library

Aug 15, 2022

My current situation: 

Building custom interactions as well as a template for use as a company standard. 

The Problem

I can make a template that contains my masters and that isn't a problem. but I don't want to use the built in Slide Interactions. that are in the Content library and come with their own master templates.

What I would like

Saving a template without just saving an extra scene that contains all my interactions as duplicating them can cause issues with triggers and other junk for whatever reason. . I'd love to just be able to save a template but also have my custom interactions saved to the content library. This way we can have our custom branded interactions available to all future templates or to any other one off custom courses where we don't use a template.


Is there any way to accomplish this? 

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Nate, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

The best way to share custom interactions with members of your organization is to use the Team Slides feature of Storyline 360. Using Team Slides, you'll be able to share the design of your slides, as well as any custom interactions that you have already built in. 

If you've already checked out this feature and are still in need of a different way to share content, we recommend raising a feature request so you can pass your thoughts on to our product team.