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Jul 18, 2019

I am trying to add a template from the Storyline content library. I can browse and find a template I like no problem. My issue is after I add the "welcome" slide and try to add another slide, I have to go back into the content library and find the correct template, then find the slide I want to add. It seems a little cumbersome. Is the a way to add the theme I selected from the Content Library to "my templates" button so I don't have to go through the content library?

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Tom Kuhlmann

A few other ideas. 

  • In the top right, you can sort by recently used. Thus, the template you were in last should be the one that's shown first. Assuming, you're not adding slides from different templates, the last template used will be the same template.
  • You could download all of the slides from the template into a scene and copy and paste from there. Delete the extra scene when you're done.
  • The layouts for all of the templates are in any slide. You could add a new slide from the layout without going into the Content Library list. Of course you don't get placeholder content.
  • You could download all of the slides into a single story file. Save as a template. That will then put the slides in your "My Templates" folder.

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