Add points for quiz question only once


because i find no similiar question here i make a new discussion. 

I got from our global training unit a course to accommondate to austria market. After the introduction they have to complete 9 topics with respectively one quiz question. They can choose the order of the topics, when they complete a topic they get always back to the selection of the topics.

The trigger of every quiz slide is when the correct checkboxes are clicked they get 11 points to the "varScore" (on every slide you see how much points you have). At the end they should have 100% (points). They have unlimited attempts and are not able to continue when they have not choose the correct answer(s).

They are able to choose a topic twice, but when they make this they have over 100 % at the end of the training. We want to prevent that. 

Is there an opportunity to adjust that the user only get once 11 points for thesame question? 

Kind regards, 


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Tanja,

There are a number of ways you could achieve this. Here are two options you may wish to consider:

a.  You could use a True/False variable that is set to True when a particular quiz is complete. You could then use this variable to by-pass the quiz if the user re-visits the topic.

b.  You could reset the varScore variable to zero prior to the quiz being undertaken. That way, if the user re-visits the topic, the maximum they can get for the quiz is 11 points.