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Jan 16, 2013

I've uploaded my Storyline course to my web hosting.  Does anyone know where or how in Joomla I should add this course, not very tech savy.  Thanks.

I haven't used Joomla in almost a year so I'm pretty rusty. Can someone tell me how I can add my e-learning course I created with Adobe's Storyline to my Joomla website. 

Do I need an extension or do I add as an article or media?

I apologize if this is a simple question, need to reacquaint myself with Joomla. 


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Kevin Croteau

I am going to try both ways.  I've learned a couple things that is I most likely I guess I'll want the use to view as a full screen once initiated.  

Do I only use the story.html file, is that it.  The folder has many files are all those unnecessary when publishing?

When adding to an article how do I add the that story.html file?

Thank you both!  I love learning anything new and a good puzzle..

Kevin Croteau


Here's what happened.

1.)  I published directly from Storyline to the web and I have a story_content folder on my 1&1 website, but none of the files are .html?  They are swf xlm jpg.  

2.)  I've also published to my C: and have the story.html file but need to upload it to Joomla, media manager says type is not supported.  

Any help greatly appreciated, still researching it.

Update:  Apparently I will need a PHP plugin (includePHP).  I hope this documentation will help someone else as well.

Kevin Croteau

Thanks everyone!  I got it to work as a link and I will also try as an iframe later.  A lot of trial and error and especially relearning Joomla which I haven't touched in 6 months.

If you would like to view my elearning course created with Storyline you can view my website below and click on the Introduction to Forecast Accuracy link.

Kevin Croteau

Love the look of the iframe if I can have it open up in a new window once "play" is selected!   

Alex, if you have a quick minute can you take a look at my homepage and make a recommendation.  I would love to see the entire iframe then have it open in a new window for full size viewing once play is selected.

Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Kevin

Ok, regarding your forest accuracy article, your minimum height for the iframe in your template should be set at "675px". This way you will have no vertical scrollbar.

However, since you are using a fixed width template, the maximum width of your article cannot be more than approx. 660px.

The problem here is that the width of your storyline file needs to be 980px wide (you will then have no horizontal scrollbars) because you are using Storyline's default Menu from the player (which adds some width).

As a stopgap, I would recommend you go back to your .story file and change the player size to "Scale to fit browser window". Agreed, this will shrink your story considerably, but unless you find a better template, I don't think there's a whole lot you can do to improve the iframe situation.

As a side note : it also seems like you are using a "Category/blog section" as your home page, which does not work well with the iframe. For this, you will have to "hide" the iframe until the user clicks on the article title. If this is acceptable, edit the article you have your iframe in, and insert the following code right before the iframe code

without the quotes.

This will create a "read more" link which will also take you to the full article.

In all honesty though, If you are interested in displaying Storyline courses in an iframe, I would recommend you to look at some other alternative template.

I hope it helps,

Kevin Croteau

Alex, one more question.  Unfortunately the Storyline forum is down.

Do you know how I can get the first slide of my scene Not to start automatically.  I played with triggers but didn't find the correct one.

Since I am displaying this as an example it was my hope that I could set my scene to always revert back to the first slide if stopped.  Currently, I am getting the Resume:  Would you like to continue where you left off.  

You can take a look at

All your help is greatly appreciated, do you work for Articulate?  I hate to bother people who don't work for them.  I always try to research on my own first.


Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Kevin,

No I don't work for Articulate, but thanks (it's the best compliment I have had this month)... :P

If you want to take away the resume functionality from Storyline, just go to your Player's properties in your .story file and click on "Never Resume".

Regarding for your first question, If you want to have the course not start automatically, just insert an extra slide in the beginning with a big start button (and maybe remove the entry from the menu ToC in your player properties).

Hope it helps,

Annika Brown

Hi Kevin, 

The easiest way to publish your Storyline course in Joomla is to insert into a learning management system. Try JoomlaLMS, for example. If you convert the Storyline file in the SCORM format, you will be able to upload it directly on your site using this elearning tool and your users will play it online. 

Hope this helps!



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