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Jul 05, 2022

Hi Heros! 

I am working on a course to "imitate" one of the client's internal systems. Unfortunately cannot record screen and use Try Mode slides, the system doesn't work on FireFox browser (Chrome and Edge not sending enough information to Storyline to make the proper Try Mode). Because all of that I am working around and using screenshots, data entry fields, hotspots and shapes as buttons etc. 

The course also has a small element of gamification and for properly provided information or kept workflow learners will be collecting points. Here I'm getting some troubles. On one of the slides, I have 5 data entry fields (they all work properly) and the save button. I'd like to create a variable for the save button:

1. Substract 50 points (from variable CountPoints) when any of the 5 data entry fields is filled out wrong or is empty - that variable seems to be working fine.

2. Add 50 point (to variable CountPoints) when all data entry fields are filled out correctly and jump to the next slide.

I am attaching a sample/subtract of the storyline file - can't send this with the proper screenshots etc., NDA, so please forgive me simplicity on the slides.

I really appreciate any suggestions how to make this working. Maybe there is another way of doing what I want to achieve. 

Greetings from Ireland! 

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Cezary,

Thanks for sharing your project file. For some reason, the 'Add 50 to your variable' trigger was not executing when the original submit button was clicked, but when a new object is added, and an 'Adjust variable' trigger is added to the object, the trigger works as intended.

As a troubleshooting step, try using a newly created object for your triggers to see if this helps. Testing on my end shows that using a new object allows the triggers to work, and I've attached a copy of an edited version of your project file so you can verify this on your end as well.