Adding a button to an imported Engage interaction

Aug 24, 2012

Hi everyone -

We've got Articulate Studio and I've got a ton of things written in Engage. To save time, I've been importing these into Storyline as we demo it.

One thing I've done is hidden the menu view from the left of the screen, so the user gets a fuller screen view and follows the buttons I've laid out rather than as a hierarchy.

When I import in an Engage item as a slide, I've noticed that I can add a button that sits over top of the interaction. The button has a trigger to take you back to the very first slide, and basically works as a Home button to get you back to the list of topics.

However, when I produce the whole Storyline item, this button disappears, and the viewer doesn't have any way to get back to the very beginning of the presentation if he/she is viewing an engage interaction.

I was wondering if there's a way to incorporate a Home button on top of an existing Engage interaction, or does it basically take up the entire slide.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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