Engage in Storyline

Oct 02, 2012

Is there a way to remove the "Next Slide" button at the top of an Engage interaction? I've imported an Engage interaction into Storyline and I don't need this button since Next/Previous is in the Storyline player. Engage allows modification of other buttons like volume and the forward/back arrows but I don't see an option to remove "Next Slide". Thanks!

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Phyllis Colgan

Hi Astrid,

Thanks for your response. I did edit the settings in Engage under the Playback options but the "next slide" button is still there when it publishes. I was able to omit the previous/next arrows and the volume icon but the "next slide" button still appears. Doesn't seem there is an option to remove that button. Unless someone has figured out another trick to remove it.

Now that Engage can be incorporated into Storyline, it would be helpful to have an option to omit the "Next Slide" button in an updated version of Engage.

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