Remove/edit the "Next Storyline Slide" button

Hi....hopefully an easy question that I have just overlooked do I either remove or edit the button that says "Next Storyline Slide" on an engage interaction that has been imported into Storyline?  It doesn't show up anywhere but in the final published format, so I didn't see it until I published, and can't find anywhere to edit or remove (tried the player menu>text options but it isn't there) and can't find it in the engage either....

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Adam Hunt

Sorry, but I don't really follow what he's suggesting there.  When I try to add a button onto the slide, in Storyline, that has the engage interaction, the button doesn't show at all when published.  Is there really not a way to just take that button out?  Or at least change the text on the button?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Michelle,

Engage is an entirely different product from Storyline. I'm assuming that's what you're using, correct?

You can either use Studio '09, which includes Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker, or you can simply use Engage on its own. 

You can try Engage for free, if you'd like to see how the product works and if it's something you'd like to use in your projects:

Articulate > Products > Engage

Let us know if you have any other questions.