Adding a home button to SL3 player

Aug 13, 2021

Hi all, I want to add a home button to the player. I'm not that comfortable or familiar with programing so I'm a little nervous digging into the SDK, I'm assuming there is one for SL3. Are there any other solutions or am I being intimidated for no real reason? How difficult is it to modify the player if you don't really know programing?

Thank you all!

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Jesse Kramer

Thank you. That is helpful and just might work. If I wanted to though, how difficult would it be to add a button next to the Next/Previous buttons on the player? In terms of UX, I would think a button like this should be placed in the same area as other buttons. Your suggestion here will probably work but as an alternative how tough would it be to add an additional button to the player?

Joseph Francis

As the types of eLearning courses vary widely, where would a "Home" button in the Player go to?

I have created both courses which are largely-linear (next, next, next, next scene, next, next,...) and courses which are non-linear (Main Menu with several buttons which lead the learner to a chapter, ability to "test out" in the chapter which either takes the learner to the content of that chapter or back to the main menu. At the end of the chapter the learner returns to the Main Menu. In that example, I already have a "Home" button in the UI to return to the Main Menu).

Jesse Kramer

Joseph, my course is non-linear and I was looking for an easy way for people to get back to the main menu. I have created a link that sits at the top right of the player but was looking for an option to have the main menu (home) button sit closer to the previous/next button.