Adding a video to timeline in Storyline - why doesn't the video get added at its original length?

Nov 08, 2017

When I add a video (usually .mp4) to an existing timeline in Storyline 2, the video ends up being stretched to the length of the timeline instead of just being added at its original length. Audio narration files that are added don't do this, but videos do it every time.

Is there a simple solution to this so I don't have to retime video files to their correct length?

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Andrew Kay
Walt Hamilton

Videos are by default set to play to the end of the timeline. If you add a video, then immediately right click it on the timeline and deselect show until end, it will show at its true length.

If you do any other action first, it won't work.

Thanks! All this time and I never knew that one.

Nick Sondej

I'm learning that adding video to slides is an extremely user-unfriendly experience.  If you happen to stretch the video in either direction even after following Robert's suggestions it can also add extra frames (of just the beginning or end of the video) and somehow I managed to get the video to start halfway through? Still haven't figured that one out.

Articulate folks -- Storyline should ABSOLUTELY show us where/how long the original video is. Video tools feel very half-baked at the moment.

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