Adding Animations to an Object

May 25, 2022

Does anyone else find it unbelievably limiting that you can't add more than one animation to an object in Articulate Storyline? 


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Ron Price

Hello Cormac

As far as animations go in Storyline - you can enter (which is usually a one time thing) and exit (another one time thing) and move, which you can add multiple of.  Are thinking about combining animation effects?  Is there a specific effect you are trying to create?  There may be some solutions I can share if I know what you are looking for.

Ron Price

We often add entrance and motion to an object so that they happen at the same time.  We also may add an animation to an object, then group that object with an invisible shape and add another animation to the group.  Experimenting with these options can produce some unique animations.

Playing the state change triggers when animations complete can possibly give you the pulse options you are looking for.