Adding closed captioning to a video

Sep 01, 2016


I am working on a Storyline project with a video that's about 4 minutes long. I would like to add some closed captioning to the video, as some of the learners that will be accessing the course will not be able to listen to the video, and it would be nice to have captions. Any ideas or workarounds that people have used in the past? I have recently found out that users have been known to pause the videos and take notes, so any captions would have to be synced to the video itself rather than the timeline in Storyline. Is there a way to A) Do this in Storyline or B) Use some other software to create closed captions?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rachel,

Great question - and one we've seen before since Storyline doesn't have a built in method. While you wait for others in the community to share what they've done, I wanted to share the following discussions that may be of help to you: 

Walt Hamilton


I use the Storyline timeline to control everything, so all my elements are always in sync. If the user pauses the video, it pauses everything. Saves me a ton of headaches.

Here's how I have done it. Notice that the video has an invisible block covering it, so the user doesn't click on it and pause it.

Leticia V.

i have tried this myself and it works perfectly long as the connection and the LMS doesn´t take extra time to process the video...when that happens, no matter how precisely i have synchronized the closed captions with the video...things just start to move independently .... Any ideas? if a reduce the resolution of the video would it work? Any tricks to minimize this effect?


thanks a lot

matt thorne

I use Camtasia to create the .SRT file. I let it do the Speech-To-Text conversion and then clean it up by hand. The more files you feed Camtasia in the same voice, the better it gets at recognizing the speech.

Then, I give the .SRT file the same name as the audio or video file in question and put them in the same directory. When I add the audio or video to Storyline, the .SRT comes with automatically. 

If I created the .SRT after the video was produced, I add it manually to the slide.

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