Adding Layers to Quiz Questions

Apr 02, 2021

Hi All,
I'm working on creating a 25 question assessment that will allow learners to test their understanding of the material and rate their confidence on each question. For each question, the learner will be asked to submit two responses 1) The correct answer to the question 2) How confident they felt that they submitted the correct answer.
I want to have the second question show in a layer, but I'm having trouble getting the layer to display after the question is submitted. 

I've attached an example with some questions and would appreciate any feedback or thoughts.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Peyton, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

I'm looking forward to other suggestions the talented members of the community will have for you, but here's how I would approach this:

  • Since you have a custom submit button in each question, I would change that button's trigger to show the Confidence layer instead of submitting the interaction. 
  • In the Confidence layer, add a trigger to submit the interaction when the user clicks Continue.

That way, the answer to the first question is only submitted after they answer the second question. 

I'm a little confused about what you plan on doing with the confidence question, as right now, it looks like all it does is change the state of the shape, but it's not tracking what the user is choosing. If you need to record those answers, my suggestion would be to add variables (a different one for each question) that would change based on the selection.

Let me know if this works!