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simondavide tritto

I would consider adding the functionality to import other voices instead. There are so many companies working on audio processing, it's not worth locking them out of your system and waste your resources on creating voices customers can buy from a 3rd party vendor.
I mean it as sincere recommendation.


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simondavide tritto

Dear Anthony,

I don't mean to be mistrustful, but your question does not sound much like a real question, but I feel like you're challenging my statement.
If my feeling is wrong, I will be happy to share with you some details of my implementation plan; but if I'm right, I hope you'll understand if I don't reply to your inquiry.


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Anthony Goss

Hi, Simone! I sincerely was interested in finding out the voices that you had found that were more human like. While I do find the voices included with Storyline better than some I’ve found, I have searched for others without much success. The Google Wavenet Voices are pretty good, but there is not an easy way to integrate the API with Storyline. My question was motivated by wanting to find out a potential source for better voices.

simondavide tritto

Hi Anthony,

I see, so please accept my apologies for getting your question wrong.
On my side, the feedback I have about the A360 embedded voices is not very enthusiastic; I admit there are a couple of good voices (I'm still using the free trial, maybe the full version has more), but still the audience's feedback says they sound artificial.
So I'm working on 2 possible solutions: 1) find some more natural computer voices and 2) creating a computer voice out of one of our trainers' real voice (some companies claim they can do it);
but either solution is pointless if I cannot import the new voices in A360; that's the reason for my question to this forum.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi PS,

This feature has not been added to the built-in functionality of the software at this time.

Here is the feature for text-to-speech that is included with Storyline 360:

Converting Text to Speech

You are welcome to share your thoughts and use-case with our team directly here.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful.

Jenn Wahl

As my team are heavy users of Storyline - we would really appreciate having more voice choices as well as more human sounding choices presented. If that isn't possible, the ability to import other voices from other sources is most welcome. Given the digital age, the text to speech functionality is one of the largest selling points for my team. Thank you for your consideration.