Adding mouse click effect on inserted mouse cursor image

Sep 30, 2018


I tried using the in-built 'insert' mouse feature of Storyline to show a hand cursor coming and clicking on a image. This seemed perfect but for some reason the hand cursor image appeared to stay on the timeline from the beginning to end although I had it to start at 5 seconds and end at 6 seconds.

Hence tried the alternate way of inserting a mouse cursor image and animating it to fly in. But I am not sure if i can add a click effect as soon as the cursor is on top of the image.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Rohit. The mouse cursor will always be visible on the slide for the entire duration of the slide. The length of the mouse on the timeline will determine the duration of the animation. 

For example, if you set up the mouse to appear between 5-6 seconds, the mouse will always be visible on the slide, but it will animate between 5-6 seconds. 

You can hide the mouse by using a shape to cover it in its initial position. Would that work for what you're looking to do?

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