Adding Next Button to Only Quiz Review Slides

Aug 22, 2018

My apologies in advance but I can't seem to find the results I need when doing a search. My Question: Is there a way to add a Next button to the Review slide ONLY.

In SL2 when my users take the quiz only a Submit button is available on each question slide. On the Results slide if they choose to click the "Review Quiz" button it takes them through all their answers and displays an Incorrect/Correct banner at the bottom. However, when they reach the end of the questions in Review mode there is no button to direct them back to the Results Slide again.

When I enable the Next button on that slide it appears both on the question slide along side the submit button and on the Review slide. Where do I enable the Next button so it only appears on the Review slide?

I have added screenshots to show you what is happening currently.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deena!

Thanks for reaching out and including those screenshots! It sounds like while you're reviewing the quiz, there is no way for learners to go from Question 12 back to the results slide, is that right?

A Next button should automatically be added to Question 12 during quiz review, so I'd like to take a closer look at your file to find out why that's not happening.

Would you mind sharing the file with us in a new reply here?

Deena Spencer

Sure, I have added the SL2 file here. I'm wondering if it may not have something to do with the fact that I had originally changed the 2 sections around and for some reason the system still sees Section 2 as 1 and visa versa. At any rate I can't seem to change this either which is affecting the order the questions are displayed when the user clicks Review Quiz.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deena!

Thanks for allowing me to take a peek into your file! You're right -- since scene 3 is actually Module 2, that was causing some wonky behavior during quiz review. Here's how I sorted that out:

  • I switched the order of scene 2 and scene 3, so now scene 2 is Privacy, and scene 3 is IT Security. 
  • I added this trigger to slide 2.23 Question 12: "Jump to slide 3.21 Question 1 when the user clicks the next button."

Have a look at the updated file, and let me know if it works smoothly for you!

Deena Spencer

Wow Alyssa! Thank you so much!

That is exactly what i wanted. Originally way back I had clicked and dragged the sections into their new places which somehow messed up the order but I wasn't worried at the time as everything was displaying correctly. However now I have added the quiz questions it does seem to work with the Review process - did you just use cut and paste to reorder the scenes?

With regards to the trigger I had added the trigger myself after I had enabled the next button, which on the Review layer it appeared to work but on the Question layer it added a Next button beside the Submit button which I thought would be confusing to the users. The only thing I could see in your version was that on slide 2.23 Q12 you didn't enable the Next button you just added the trigger? Is that the only difference? When I tried to do that it wouldnt let me select "when user clicks Next" in the trigger dropdown and I thought that was because the button wasn't enabled. I see you just selected "unassigned". I'm just curious why this added trigger wouldn't also be the behaviour on the Question slide?


Alyssa Gomez

I had a feeling you might ask about that, Deena. 😊 There's actually a little trick for that. Here's what to do:

  • Enable the next button on slide 2.23.
  • Set up the trigger to jump to slide 3.21 when the user clicks the next button.
  • Click the "copy trigger" button.
  • Remove the next button from slide 2.23. (You'll see the trigger disappear from the panel.)
  • Click the "paste trigger" button.

Voila! Now you have a "jump to" trigger without a next button! Here's a quick video demo of those steps in action.

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