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Dec 04, 2012


Our CEO doesn't like the submit button on the player for quizzes because it's so far away from the question. I built a submit button in the slide no problem and took the submit button off the player. However, I want the learner to be able to review the quiz results. When they click on the review quiz button on the results slide, it goes back to the first question and shows the answer, but there is not a next button to advance to the next question. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Thank you

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Angie,

One quick way to accomplish this, is to create a true/false variable with initial value of false, which turns to true when you visit a specific slide (e.g. the results slide).

So in this case :
1) Set variable 'quizfinished' with initial variable of false.
2) On the results slide, Set trigger to change value of quizfinished to true.

3) On the first question slide add a button with text "Next", and an initial state "hidden".

4) Add a trigger to go to the next slide when user presses button next.

5) Add a trigger to change state of Next button to normal when timeline starts, if 'quizfinished' equals to true.

6) Copy & Paste the button to all the other question slides (the triggers should be copied automatically as well).

Hope it helps,


John Pieterse

Hi Alexandros,

I noticed your answer to the question of Angie and this is also exactly what I am looking for!

However, everything is clear to me except 2) to set the trigger on the result slide. I thnk I do not know exactlt what you mean and that I am doing something wrong. I am just starting trying to use variables.

Where should I add this trigger, tried the Review button but that didn't do the trick.

Your help is mucg appreciated and thanks in advance,


Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi John,

2) On the results slide, Set trigger to change value of quizfinished to true.

In this, 'quizfinished' is supposed to be the name of the variable. On the result slide, you have to create a trigger that changes the value of that variable to value 'True' ("adjust variable 'quizfinished' to value True when timeline starts").

Hope this helps,

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