Adding overall time clock

Oct 29, 2012

In Storyline, how can you add the overall time status that is available in Presenter? I'm referring to the overall time for the entire module that would appear at the top left (for example: 15min of 30). I can't find that option in the storyline player. thanks!

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Tom Dorsey

Bruce Graham said:

I still do not get how this would ever work with a non-linear course.

Unless people look at all slides, all layers, all scenes and quizzes - what use is it, (unless it is just an option for linear courses), and how would it actually make any sense?


For me, i am required to make my courses linear so it is much needed in my case.  I would have preferred the next studio, but with the delay in it's release i am being forced into Storyline.  

It might work in a branching course as well if users are required to complete all sections.



Bruce Graham


In this case I completely understand and agree.

It should be possible to have some sort of optional timer feature in these instances. I'm almost thinking that as soon as any layers etc. have been used that at compilation, the programme senses these, and offers you the "estimated" version.

Given the move away from linear course design, I am wondering whether the timer will even be included in next Studio?


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