Course Time in Storyline

In Presenter we have the option of turning on the Elapsed and Total Presentation Time in the Player Controls.  Not finding this option in Storyline anywhere.  Am I just missing it or is this not an option in Storyline?  I found an option to change the colors of a timer but am thinking that is probably just related to a timer on quiz question and not an overall elapsed time for the course. 

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Justin Grenier

Greetings, Diana.

It looks like Brian Batt addressed this question in another thread a few weeks back:

...seems like the bottom line is that the potential complexity of Storyline makes it very difficult to calculate duration.

Brian also provides a helpful link for submitting this as a feature request!

Diana Scott

Thanks Justin.  I think I might just add an aprox time to completion on the intro page of the course.  At least that gives the learner an idea of how long they're in for!  Unless it's a course with heavy branching scenarios in it.  As comments in the thread you linked me to indicated, you can't really gauge how long it might take a learner to work through layers of choices.

Thanks for the link to the thread and I will definitely be submitting it as a feature request!