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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)


It's SL2? You only need it to work in the Flash output? Do you need minutes and seconds or just an indicator?

As I said I have played around some with displaying the entire course progress and I have had some success. I believe I could also make the bar 'interactive' so that users could click a spot and jump to that slide. 

Do you have a budget for this? 

Mike Swift

Did not really have a budget for this.  I was hoping to get some ideas of how to handle this.  We are using SL2.  I only need to show total time (i.e., 4:00) and progress against that.  I also need a pause / resume button.  Jumping around would be nice but not mandatory.  Right now we are posting flash output but may move to HTML at some point.

Fiona Macelli

I'm looking to do something similar (have a seekbar - not a progress bar - control the navigation of an entire auto-progressing "course" as a unit, not slide by slide). I'm not sure if it's ever effective to have a seek bar for a single slide, but I can think of several instances when it isn't...

Has anyone found an effective workaround?  Some options that come to mind are:

  • Build the entire animation on one slide and one timeline. This seems like it should have the right effect but would be terribly messy to work with (I've got 45 slides currently).
  • Perhaps there's a way to create a "rough" seekbar using a slider control set up with variables and triggers and copied to each slide.
  • Publish and play the file and use another instance of Storyline to record it, and then export it as a video file. The audio tends to turn out crappy when I've tried that but maybe there's a smarter audio setup. I'd prefer to have an html file rather than a video file in this instance though because this file is too proprietary to host on YouTube and I don't really know how to build/find an html video player that I can put on our intranet. Also, it needs to have closed captions.
  • Could I possibly record the video as above, insert it back into a Storyline slide, build closed captions into that single slide, and then use the Storyline player to seek? Still messy to create the closed captions all on one slide, and there's the audio quality issue, but maybe this would work.

If anyone has advice on using any of these methods or another, I would sure appreciate it.

Mike Swift

I have the same problem with a series of "videos" we did in Storyline. My workaround is to play them and record them using SnagIt. I then use the SnagIt MP3 file for our website.

I seem to recall that at some point this was mentioned as a possible enhancement but it would be in a future version.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- Thanks for sharing your workaround with Fiona and hopefully that will do the trick for her!

I did want to mention in case you weren't aware, when you reply to a forum notification via email, the details in your signature are displayed publicly in the thread. If you would like to remove that information, please use the EDIT button beneath your post. :)

Fiona Macelli

Is there a way to add a pause/resume button to the player? 

To get around the lack of a course-wide seekbar I've modified the next/previous buttons so they're more like skip forward/backward. This gives the course some clunky forward/rewind capabilities without the need of a seekbar. All I'm missing is the ability to pause.

I can't add navigation buttons to the slides themselves because I've used the zoom region functionality heavily in this video so often there isn't all parts of the slide showing (including any buttons I might've added).

I may eventually record the whole thing as a video and reinsert it as a single slide but I'm using the Notes panel as closed captioning for now and if I insert this as a video on a single slide I won't be able to do that.

Ability to add a Pause button to the player itself would let me remove the seekbar completely. If not, I'll have to leave it in even though I find it distracting.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Fiona,

Sorry - you can add buttons, but not custom buttons that do things outside the normal player set up. You can add tabs to the top that direct to another slide or something similar - but there isn't the ability to add a button that would accomplish what you initially asked for.

As far as the custom player created using the SDK - that's not something I can offer support for (never even used it myself) but I'd defer to the community for additional help!