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Nov 28, 2018


I've developed a course review module that has 5 sections with individual question banks that randomly draw 5 questions. Students can review their answers and then ask for more questions in a section or go on to a different topic. After they've answered questions in each section, I wanted them to see their results for each section but also the average of the results. I've stuck with the canned variable names for quiz results, so essentially, I want the combined result to be the percentages for each of the sections added and then divided by five for the overall average. I tried doing this by just creating a results page that included the results from all 5 question banks, rather than trying to do arithmetic. There are also buttons on this results page that return them to individual sections to try new questions and improve their score. Unfortunately, using the global results means that if they return to a section they can get a new question, but it is disabled--they can't enter an answer. Each section has a results page, and when they return, the page they land on resets the results for that section, and this works well coming from the global results page, as long as I haven't tried to make an overall summary score. I have to post this project today, so I'm going to set it so students evaluate whether all their results are better than 80%, but I'd like to know how to get the global result to work. Is there a way to make a variable to average all 5 of the "Results.ScorePercent /1/2/3/4" values? Some other way to do this?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Margaret Morse


Actually, I've got a much bigger problem than the one I mentioned. I've tried to publish and upload my file to Articulate 360, our LMS, and just out on the Web, publishing appropriately for each of these. When I publish, I click the "View Project" button, and everything seems to be working just fine. If I double click on the story

Margaret Morse

And it happened again. Here's the rest of the message once more:

Sorry, looks like it timed out in midpost. I responded through Outlook. The problem is that everything works when I publish and then look at the project in SL and if I click on the html5_story.html file in the folder on the web, but it hangs up when I go to draw from the question banks in all 5 sections, whether it's on the website, in Articulate Review, or in our LMS. (I published all of these for the correct location.) I'm not sure what's happening.

Here's the link in Review:

And the link on our website:

Any thoughts on what's going on? There are 85 questions total in the 5 question banks, so maybe the file is too large? Or I've got the reset results command in the wrong place--it's on the opening page for each topic area.

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