Aug 05, 2012

I have a large final exam, that is approximately 400 questions. The exam is divided into small sections (10-15 questions each), which I am placing in different word banks to later randomly pull 4 or 5 questions from each section to create a random test for each student. 

What I want to do, is to have the current results show up in the Top right corner of the side so that students know what their total score is at all times. In other words, if a student is in question 6 and wants to know their progress they can just look to their top-right corner and know that they've have 4 questions out of 6 correct.  Is there a way to do this in storyline? 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Diana! You could do that with a couple variables which keep track of the number of questions answered and the number of correct responses. Use a few triggers on your slide masters to tell Storyline when to adjust the variable values, and insert a reference to the variables on your slides. Here's one way to do it, and the story file's attached in case you'd like to take a closer look: 

Jeanette Brooks

Hi again Diana - yes, for an existing quiz, you could just follow the same steps that I used in the sample:

1. Create two number variables (one to track total questions and one to track correct questions)

2. On your correct feedback master, add triggers to increase the count by 1 for each variable when the timeline starts.

3. On the incorrect feedback master, add a trigger to increase the count by 1 for the question count variable only.

4. Go to the slide master layout that you use for your quiz slides, and insert a reference to the variables.

5. If your result slide has a Retry Quiz button, add triggers to it to change your variable values to zero if learners decide to retry the quiz.

Hope that helps!

Jeanette Brooks

Hello Alec. One way is to import your existing quizzes from Quizmaker into Storyline. More about that here.

You can also create new quizzes from scratch right in Storyline - the quizzing features are easy and really powerful. I'd suggest taking a look at these tutorials:

You can also get more details about the quizzing features by checking out all of the quizzing tutorials .

Jeanette Brooks

Jorge, here are the steps for inserting a Quizmaker quiz into an Articulate Presenter project:  http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/adding-a-quiz-or-survey-to-your-course.aspx 

When you follow the steps in that tutorial, you'll have an opportunity to specify how you want the "Finish" button at the end of your quiz to behave. You can choose a different behavior depending on whether the learner passes or fails. In your course, it sounds like you'd want to set both instances to "Goes to Next Slide," like this:

Jeanette Brooks

You can definitely include multiple quizzes, but if you plan to report your results to an LMS, you need to choose one quiz that will be reported.

Regarding branching: yes, you can apply certain forms of branching. For example, you can branch from a presentation slide to a quiz. And within a quiz, you can apply branching among the quiz questions. You can also branch from the end  of a quiz to a specific presentation slide.

It's not possible, however, to branch from within a quiz (i.e., from a particular quiz question) to a particular presentation slide. 

Theresa  Kunz

I recently upgraded from Quizmaker 2.3 to Quizmaker 09.  One of the features I loved is no longer available.  The navigational pane would allow the person taking the quiz to view all the questions in list form.  The unanswered questions would be in bold, so you could easily go back to questions skipped.  I am not seeing that in 09.  Is this feature no longer available?

Jeanette Brooks

@Jorge - cool, glad you're all set now!

@Theresa - there is a feature on the quiz player template called the question list navigation panel. It's in the upper-left of the quiz player. Learners can use that to jump among questions, and when they pull down the list, they can see which questions they've already answered (correctly answered questions will have a green checkmark, and incorrect ones will have a red X). Anything without a checkmark or an X hasn't been answered yet. Below is a picture where you can see that I've answered questions 1 & 3, but not questions 2 & 4. For info on how to configure your question list navigation panel, you can check out this tutorial.

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