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May 24, 2012

Hi all.. I am building a learning module in Storyline that has 5 sections. Each sections includes a question bank of 10 questions, all of which must be answered. Therefore a total of 50 questions.

I know that in Articulate Studio, it was only possible to track to test results in one of the question banks.. is this true of Storyline too? I am using an LMS, so was hoping that I could add question banks throughout the module, and they could all be calculated and tracked within the LMS?

To make it more complicated, each section's questions will have different weighting.. i.e. Section 1 might be worth 15% of the overall course, but Section 2 might be worth 25%.

I'm thinking maybe I can create 5 separate modules and track each one individually, just seems like the course will become more fragmented if after each set of questions, they have to close and open a new window...

Anyway.. any suggestions would be very welcome

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Kate Holmes

That's cool. I still have Quizmaker which DOES allow you to email results, so I can use that. I'm a bit confused, though, because our experience indicates that the email that shoots out from Quizmaker isn't editable, so they can't monkey with the numbers. We have it set to come directly to our training office email account; they can't even copy themselves or anyone else on it. (Plus, even if they could see the results message, it is a bit complicated to decipher, but we figured it out.)

Ant Pugh
Peter Anderson

Sorry, Kate. Emailing results isn't currently supported in Storyline. Here's why. 

Though not as robust as a full results report, if you're looking for a very simple way of being notified that a user has completed or reached a certain point in your course, this may help. 

Hi Peter - Is this still correct after the launch of Storyline 2?

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