Adding to My Templates

I am still fairly new to Storyline and my manager wants me to create a company branded template to use moving forward. I started working on this template last week and saved it as a .storytemplate. I wanted to continue working on that template today but can't figure out how to open the template project. It only let's me open a new project using the template. How do I go back into my template file so that I can continue adding slides to my template? 

Thanks for any assistance. 

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Walt Hamilton

Every time a new presentation is started, it has all the branding on it, and each module will have a consistent look and feel. If you are really aggressive, a lot of things can be added to the master slide and/or standard slides safely stored in an unused scene.

I know, all those items can be loaded (one at a time) from Teams, but if they are loaded from a template (which could be stored in teams), there is one load, and you have everything.