Adding totals from questions spread over two pages

Oct 20, 2016

Hi All,

I have around 12 questions spread over two pages.
I have successfully configured the first slide (6 questions) to correctly total up the score that the user gets and correctly forward them onto one of three results slides.

On the second slide of questions which displays after the first slide I cannot get the score of the first slide to add to the second slide.  When i check the score it is only showing the totals of the second slide.

How do you add the totals of two slide together?

The variable i used on the first slide was 'TOTAL'. 
Do i need to use another variable on the second slide 'TOTAL 2' and then run another trigger to add both variables together?

Thanks for help

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Dave Cox

Hi Wayne,

It sounds like you are using a variable to add the total scores for your questions.

On the second slide, be sure that your trigger that adds the scores is set to add the existing value of the variable, instead of just setting the value. In other words, use "add" instead of "Assign" in the trigger. See the examples that I've included.

Are you building your results slides manually? Storyline doesn't allow you to set the value that it uses to store scores. You may not be able to send you scores to an LMS, unless you are writing javascript to forward your value from your variable.

wayne e

Hi Dave,

Ok that's interesting thank you.

Yes, I had started to make the results slides manually as I ran into some issues when using the pre-defined survey slides. We wanted to direct the users to one of 3 slides and for some reason I could not get the pre made survey slide to do this.  Are you aware if the standard survey slide should work using this method? 

On this occasion we simply wanted to present one of 3 results pages to the user and did not want the scores written back to the LMS but I guess we may want this in future.  Perhaps I should revisit the survey slide in the furture if indeed it can produce averages?

Dave Cox

If you don't need to report the results to an LMS, then what you are doing is fine.

Storyline only allows you to report one results slide to an LMS, and you have to determine which one that is during development. There are ways around this if you really need to do it, using javascript, but it does take considerable work. You can view this thread if you are interested in more details.

If you want to calculate averages, you can indeed to that, although you may need to use some javascript to put the math together. Javascript can be added to a trigger on the timeline.

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