Adjust variable state when user clicks a button

Nov 30, 2014


I have applied a trigger to a data entry field, that changes the state of a box when the user entry in certain value. However the variable only adjusted based on what the user enters when the text entry control loses focus.

I want the variable to adjust based on the text entered when the user clicks a button. How do i go about doing this? I have attach the file below which i am try to implement this one. I want this implemented one the 1.5 zindex page. 

Thank you in advance



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Michael Hinze

I assume you mean clicking the Submit button on this slide? I attached  a revised file. I changed the variable that is attached to the textentry box back to its originally assigned variable, Textentry1,and added  a trigger to the Submit button to assign this variable's value to zindex when the Submit button is clicked. Hope hat works for you.

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