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Feb 19, 2014


I'm using a text-based variable for learner's name and personalized feedback.

On the first slide (where the user is asked to enter his name) there is a LOGIN button whose initial state is disabled - a trigger is active to change the button state to Normal only after the user clicks on the textentry.

What I intended to create is a variable that only let the user move on when at least 2 characters are introduced in the Text entry field. How can I do this?

Many thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellie and welcome to Heroes! 

Great question, and one answered in this thread with some really good images to walk you through it, so I've copied below for you :

So, for text entries where you want the Learner to enter some text before they move on, you want the text entry to be not equal to  blank (you don't want the text entry box to be blank). So, as you see in the screen shot below, your choices are not equal to or not equal to ignore case. If it doesn't matter whether the Learner types in uppercase or lowercase, you'd want to select ignore case.

Then, if you leave the value blank as in this screen shot, you're telling Storyline the Learner cannot move to the next page (or next "whatever) if the Text Entry field is blank.

And yes, if you have several text entries on your slide, you'll want to add the conditions for each to the next button trigger. It's always a good idea to name variables so you can keep track of what's going on, as in this example:

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