Adjusting a variable in the Player Tabs Trigger Wizard

Feb 18, 2016

I am trying to add a new item in the player tabs section of my player properties. The only functionality I need this tab to have is to adjust a variable back and forth from true to false.  What I am essentially trying to do is make an on & off button for a variable that I can repeatedly click as needed.

Can anyone help me?

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Walt Hamilton

When you create a tab on the player, you have the options of these actions:

It looks like you would have to make a change of state on an object on the slide (probably to a state that is identical to the current state), then on the slide write a trigger to change the variable based on the state.

Maybe it would be easier to put the clickable object on the master slide. then the trigger is pretty simple :

Create the object and trigger once on the master, and forget about it. The only caveat is that it only works to toggle a variable if it is created as a T/F variable. Otherwise, is gets more complicated.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- Thanks so much for your question, and it looks like Walt and Phil have offered some suggestions you can try! I did want to note with respects to JavaScript in case you weren't aware, we are unable to provide support for JS coding, but lots of community members like Phil are usually more than willing to share their expertise. Here also is our JS Best Practices sheet if you would like to take a look. 

I also wanted to note, you are welcome to share your file here as well if you'd like others to chime in with additional suggestions! 

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