Adjusting font size for Glossary

Hello E-Learning heroes!

I have added a Glossary tab in one of my courses. However, the font size is too tiny when I publish the course. I do see an option to change the font in the 'Player Properties' window. Is there an option in the player properties (or any where else) where I can increase the size of the Glossary items?

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Rob Tao

Hi, I have the same issue with the Glossary and Transcript title font size in Classic Player.

My coworker who knew far more than I do with 360, and he we still could not figure out how to change the title font size. Changing the percentage of the font size doesn't help, as this affects every font size in the player.

I hope someone would take notice of this and make the changes in the future.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Rob!

Since this isn't a built-in feature, I found a few discussions which listed workarounds! 

Here they are:

We do have a feature request for adjusting the font size of specific Player elements! I'm going to add your comments to the report so that we can update you when we release a fix!