Adjusting Font Size When Referencing a Text Entry Variable

I am creating a slide where I want users to reference a text entry variable that they input on a previous page. I am able to bring up the response on the new slide, but the font size is very tiny and next to impossible to read. The font in the text box where I reference it is a size 28 (I have also tried larger), but it doesn't effect the size it appears when I preview the slides. Any help is appreciated!

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Ron Price

How are you referencing the variable?  If you are using a caption or a shape to hold the reference, then the display will be resized to fit the shape.  Using a text box gives you a more accurate representation.

If you are putting the text in a caption or shape, you can edit their formatting to resize to fit text.  You may also want to make sure there are not extraneous hard returns before or after the reference.

If you change font style are those reflected in the reference?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Kim -- Thanks for reaching out and I see that Ron has stopped in to assist you here! It might be most helpful if you were able to share your file so that others are able to take a closer look. You would be able to upload here by using the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box. 

Jill Freeman

Solution!  I was encountering this same thing. On the slide after an essay question for user's text input, I added a reference to pull in the variable's content. I was not using any shape, just the text box with %variablename% on the screen.  When I DID insert the reference inside a rectangle shape, and formatted the font of the shape, it showed the correct font size!