Adjusting post-quiz feedback

Hi there, 

I'm creating a quiz in Storyline and noticed two things: 

1. Correct/incorrect feedback
I want the learner to answer all questions before getting (incorrect/correct) feedback, so I put my feedback in the post-quiz feedback section. I noticed that a big correct/incorrect shape is automatically added to the feedback screen. Is there a way to deactivate this without having to switch to direct feedback? 

2. Check symbol
When revising the quiz, green check-symbol(s) appear to indicate the correct answer(s). Is there a way to customize this symbol? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Thomas Mennen

Hi Wendy, 

Thanks for your response. 

Q1: I did do this. Then I added some post-quiz feedback. But now a giant correct/incorrect shape appears when reviewing a quiz (no.1). 

I do want this option, otherwise the learner doens't know whether he answered (in)correctely. But I don't like the way it looks, so I want to customize it. Is there a way to do this? 

 Q2: Thanks, I already tried to overlap the feedback with a custom shape (no. 2). But this doesn't work since the answers are shuffled.. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Rik,

While a bit older, this video may help you create a custom review layer where you can customize the feedback box, as well as the checkmark to your liking.

For your second question, if it's an option, I would un-shuffle the answers so that you could place the checkmark exactly where you want it. Hope this helps!

Thomas Mennen

Hi Ren, 

Thanks for your reply. 

This video shows part of the solution, thanks for that! But now I've got a slide with personalized feedback that is shown to the learner when he/she reviews the quiz and I've deactivated the correct/incorrect feedback bar on the bottom. But I do want to display whether a question is correct or incorrect. Is there a way to do this? 

About the second question. Unfortunately that is not an option. I guess I just got to live with this or wait untill it will become tweakable :). 

Thomas Mennen

Thought I had it but this (image) doesn't seem to work.

I also tried to add a trigger to each button:
Adjust variable X to true when user clicks button 1, if  button X & Y are selected and button Z is normal.

This works as long as you click a button only once. When you select a correct answer and then deselect it, the variable still remains True since it isn't told to do otherwise. But I want to prevent scripting all possible outcomes in which the variable should go back to False because it's simply not worth the effort. 

Update: I think I'm experiencing the same issue as Christopher was ( 

Thomas Mennen

Hi Ren, 

For a moment I thought that would be it! I hadn't found the "not equel" option yet, and this makes perfect sense to me. Unfortunately it didn't work though... For some reason the 'next' button doesn't seem to trigger the 'adjust variable'-trigger. 

Anyway, I did contact Chris. Hopefully he'll have a workaround of some sort.

And thanks for introducing me to the not equel part of triggers :)