Adjusting Text to a Curved Shape

May 18, 2016

Is there any way to curve text within a shape, in this case an arc? I've set the shape properties to Wrap Text in Shape, but because Storyline is keeping the bounding box around the arc as square, it's fitting the text to this square shape, rather than to the arc. Can I work around this?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Adina!  You're right:  Storyline will keep that bounding box as a square which is likely inconvenient for you.  Could you submit a feature request on this to our product development team?  It sounds like a great functionality.

In the meantime, I have a hacky workaround if you have PowerPoint.  You can use PowerPoint to transform the shape of your text and then import that slide into Storyline.  Here's a document we found on arching your text in PowerPoint:

You could import that slide into Storyline and even adjust the degree/size of the arc once it's in there!  Welcoming other suggestions from community members, too!  :)

Math Notermans

If Articulate would give us the option to choose between text as is, or a plain HTML5 text element, then this could be easily achieved with some Javascript libraries.

As is you can get it done by using Javascript. I quickly mockedup a sample. To get it exactly as you want for sure still is a endeavour.

Storyline for this added...