Adjusting Variables in Layers

Aug 15, 2019

Hello all,

Actually, I asked this question yesterday too but because I found an alternative solution, I didn't want to go forward in discussions to take your time. Now, I am sharing a test project where I tried to adjust variables in layers and when it came to the base layer, I want some objects to be hidden. I displayed my variables and they seem to be working perfectly; however, my objects are still on the slide. Can somebody help me understand why? 


Thanks in advance!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Remzi

see update to your file.

Layers are part of the slide so when using layers, the timeline of the slide doesn't restart so you can't use that 'when timeline starts' in the trigger to change the variable.  In the case of layers user 'when variable changes'.

If you were leaving this slide and coming back to it, then you can use 'when timeline starts'. Hope that helps

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