Adjustment of timeline isn't working

Apr 20, 2023

Dear community,

I have a problem with the adjustment of the timeline in a slide. In that slide, I have various objects that are all set to about 44 seconds. But the end of the timeline is set at 1min 6 sec - and I cannot change that! If I try to drag the end further to the content - one object gets marked randomly and the end itself doesn't move. I'm at odds here...there are no hidden or locked objects on the timeline that could prevent the end to be dragged closer. Any idea anyone? 


Thanks in advance and all the best, Verena

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Verena Mogl, Netzwerk 4.0

Hi Sandeep, thanks for your quick reply! I just played around a little, and realized I could solve the problem by clicking on one object and marking "fit timeline to longest object".  Then the end of the whole timeline jumped to the object and 44 secs. Nonetheless, I still wonder why it wasn't possible to drag the end towards the objects...On the other slides this worked...But well..

In any case - thanks again and all the best! Verena