Advice on creating a drag and drop quiz

Sep 19, 2013

Hi, I am attempting a create a drag and drop quiz, but there are 2 features I would like to have and I have no idea how to go about setting these up!

1. I would like to create a tick and cross icon so that when the user has answered correctly or incorrectly, the relevant icon will appear once they click 'submit'. Does anybody know how I could set this up? I have tried experimenting with triggers but didn't manage to achieve what I wanted.

2. Once the user has clicked submit and is going to retry the quiz, is it possible for the correct answers to stay where they are so that the user only has to pick from the remaining answers? I have seen this done in the screenshot below , but I am not sure how to set this up in storyline.

I have also attached the slide I am working on.

Many thanks,


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sandie coco

Hi Sophie -

I played around with your project. One thing I noticed is that you were using buttons as the boxes to be dragged onto, which caused you to have a bunch of triggers that weren't needed. I changed those to just rectangles.

I also created a variable for each Sales Director and set the value to false. Then I set a trigger to change the variable to true when it was dragged over the correct answer. You already had states set up for Drop Correct & Drop Incorrect. The color change could have the same affect as using a tic or cross. I would keep the director's names the same color for the drop correct & incorrect states and use the green check or black x to indicate right or wrong. The drag & drop interactivity was already set up so that I could move my answers around. I then set a trigger for the Submit button on the slide to change the state of each to drop correct if their variable was set to true. After hitting submit, I was able to see my incorrect answers and move around the names. I could then keep hitting submit until I had them all correct.

To finish this out, I would add more triggers for each sales director to change states to drop incorrect if their variable was still set to false.

Michaella Roess

Hi Sandie,

Thank you so much for your help. I always get confused with creating variables with true and false so that's a great help!

I am planning to set up a retry option too - do you have any idea how I can get the correct answers to stay where they are so that the user only has to pick from the remaining answers?


mark helm


Sorry to butt in- but I have a related problem.. that you may have come across.

I have a drag and drop not unlike the attachment above. Ticks and crosses work fine ... except... if an item is dragged to a box (e.g. correct) then taken back out (user changes mind) then the item shows a correct tick this happens in the example above too)!!

I need to make the variable false if landing outside of drop zone OR if springs back to original start position..

Any help greatly appreciated.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

You could create an additional "drop area" and add some more triggers to change the value of the variable (or the objects state) when dropped in that area - similarly you could create it using a hotspot that would adjust the variable when the objects are dragged over. I modified the example shared here and added that element for the "John East" button. 

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