AICC testing - URGENT

May 01, 2014


Having run a course structure format test on the AICC/CMI test suite, I get the following error.

 AICC/CMI Test Suite - Ver 1.5
 Disclaimer:  Test results are not valid unless tests are conducted
              in an AICC authorized Independent Test Lab
   << AICC CBT Course Structure Format Test >>
May 01 2014 18:46:24 < ==================< Begin Test >======================== >
May 01 2014 18:46:24  Error [E20028] Description: Value for required field COMMAND_LINE Missing in INPUT AU File record - Line Number: 1
May 01 2014 18:46:24 < ==================<  End Test  >======================== >
May 01 2014 18:46:24 <  >
May 01 2014 18:46:24 < ====> Total Errors =  1   >
May 01 2014 18:46:24 < ====> TEST FAILED  >

Please could you explain why I'm getting this if Storyline is AICC compliant?

Please note we have tested on SCORMCloud LMS and the module is working fine.

Many thanks,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Scott,

Articulate content is AICC compliant at level 1, supporting versions 2.2 and 3.5. I admit, I'm not a pro at reading the reports you shared, but if I'm reading it correctly, I believe your report states this is being tested with AICC 3. Again, I'm not clear on that as I have not used AICC/CMI Test Suite. 

I believe SCORM Cloud supports versions 2.2, 3.5 and 4.0. If you're not using one of these versions on your server or in your test environment, this may be why you're seeing this error. 

Can you let us know which version of AICC you're currently using?


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